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My name is Pavel Cherednichenko and I’m technical lead in Shell

Before that, I developed microservices on Golang language in Ebay and HousingAnywhere. I work with GRPC, Postgres, GitHub, Kubernetes, and also develop different DevOps utilities.

My previous work was in crypto company as a Golang developer. Our company used the latest and most up-to-date technologies, as providers of Bitcoin wallet and payment cards, with which you can make regular purchases for Bitcoin

Before that, I worked in a big social network with 115,000,000 users. There I wrote in PHP and Golang, I used the MySQL and Postgres database and various solutions for highly loaded projects, shading and replication for the database, optimization of queries and code, reliability analytics.

I graduated from St. Petersburg. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation in 2016, specializing in applied Informatics. While studying at university, I worked and performed freelance assignments and worked on my own project - intelligent lighting of stairs. It was my startup, which I successfully developed and received real orders for. The ladders themselves are programmed with C++ microcontrollers, and the site was built primarily on PHP and JavaScript.

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