Repair broken Airscarf on a Mercedes-Benz

Posted by Pavel on Saturday, January 30, 2021


I bought Mercedes-Benz E200 (2013 W212 series) and everything worked well in it, except for one function that I always dreamed of: Airscarf or neck warmer. This feature allows you to still drive without a roof on cold days, as the warm air will directly go to the driver’s neck and head, blowing hot air out of the seats.


And I had a problem that Airscarf stopped working: when I pressed the button - lights on the button turned on and off after a couple of seconds if I was driving without a roof down at a speed of more than 25 km/h. At the same time, it worked perfectly with a roof up at any speed.

I turned to a Mercedes dealer, where they told me that in order to establish exactly what the module is not working well, they need to disassemble the entire paneling in the trunk and the mechanisms of the roof retractable partition, for an hour of work they were going to take about 100+ euros and wanted to take the car for the whole day, i.e. it would cost me a lot

Where is this module?

The Airscarf control module is located in the Mercedes-Benz E200 Convertible (A207), located inside the trunk on the right side, behind the trim. I found pictures about location of this module:


So to check this module, you need to disassemble all the trim panels in the trunk and the partition for the roof. So I decided to go the simpler route and cut the trim in the trunk:


And then by pulling the trip a little, I was able to get to this module and unscrew it:


By that time, I had already received a new module that I ordered on ebay:


I changed this module and closed the cut hole, then I plan to apply glue and then the hole will be faintly visible


This is how this module looks with the roof partition down:


And now my Airscarf works at any speed with any roof positions without any no problem! I am very happy with the success and the fact that it was relatively easy for me to change this module.


Module information

For my car Mercedes-Benz E200 2013 W212 series (A207) I ordered the same Airscarf module by number as I had before:

Part number is: A1729000402

Barcode: 100270410934094800

As far as I know, the same modules are on the Mercedes SLK and many other Mercedes models

Other useful information

In addition, I found a wiring diagram and a general scheme for disassembling the trim from Mercedes, so I’ll attach them here:

  • Wiring of N25/7 Airscarf module: 🔗Link
  • Remove/install side paneling in trunk A207 🔗Link

if your Airscarf does not work on only one side, then this is most likely a problem with the wiring under the seat. In my case, it didn’t work simultaneously from both sides

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