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Calculator bot in Telegram

This bot is able to solve mathematical examples using operators (sin, cos) parentheses, root and exponentiation, and much more. In addition, he himself knows how to count, find and count examples in chats

Anti-spam bot for Telegram in Go

After using different anti-spam bots, I came to the decision to write my own, since all the current ones worked poorly. Here I will show you how you can write your own bot for Telegram using Go

My favourite Golang packages

I have been working with Go language for about 5 years and during this time I have used different packages, which I enjoy to use at or which just help me in working with the code and I wanted to list the main my favorite universal packages

Stadia lags on a Macbook. Debug and search for the cause

After a long search for the reason why Stadia sometimes lags very much, I found out that on almost all MacBooks ping jumps every 5 minutes. How to fix it and how to check it is written in this article.

Run web application in Google Cloud Platform with Kubernetes

Run golang web application in Google Cloud Platform with Kubernetes and Cloud Builder